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At Rose Woodcraft I produce carved items from native Hawaiian hardwoods.  Hawaiian weapons were the result of many generations of Polynesian and Hawaiian wood carving traditions.  The Hawaiian martial art of Lua was both an individual practice similar to Jujitsu and a tactical and strategic system of warfare.  The Pahoa or dagger was unique to Hawaii and used by warriors for close quarters combat.  The Pololu or long spear (15’-20’) was also uniquely Hawaiian and used in organized battles involving thousands of combatants.


I also carve everyday and ornamental household items that might be found in use by the Hawaiian people.  The o'o or digging stick was used by farmers as a spade or shovel and was the essential farming tool used in the islands.  They are also commonly used by modern property developers in groundbreaking ceremonies.  'Auamo or carrying poles were used to carry burdens suspended from the notched ends while the pole was on the shoulder.  With a balanced load front and back the burden could be carried long distances.


Most of the items pictured here are in stock and available (these photos are representative - the exact items pictured are not necessarily for sale).  However, because I work alone, my production is necessarily limited.  Also, some items such as walking sticks and carrying poles should be sized to the person who will use them.  This all means that delivery times can be extended (from four to six weeks) but that custom sizing is sometimes available.  Please include requested material (iliahi/sandalwood, etc. - see "About the Trees" page) and lengths/weight with your order.  All my items are signed - my signature is the black coral inlay dot, visible on everything I make.


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This type of club was used by the ancient Hawaiians as a close quarters weapon.
Item #RW001



This is an 'ulei dagger or pahoa.  This was a common weapon used by ancient Hawaiians.
Item #RW002








This is an 'ulei ihe or spear - a short javelin or lance less than 8’ long. 


Item #RW003


My walking cane is a very useful item - among my most popular!
Item #RW004



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