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Lama (Hawaiian ebony)


(Diospyros sandwicensis). 

A commonly seen endemic native tree.  While the Lama is very common in dry areas of the Big Island, it is normally a very small tree.  The extremely slow growth of this Ebony family member (1”trunk diameter per 100 years) prevents its growth to a fully mature size in most areas.  Lava flows typically inundate most parts of the Big Island every few hundred years.  Hoopuloa is one of the few areas where Lama has grown to its full size and died of old age.  There are trees here that have attained a 36” diameter and an age of over 3000 years.  My respect for the age and irreplaceable nature of these trees severely restricts my use of this wood.  Dead fall harvested only.

Alahe'e (Hawaiian coffee)


(Psydrax odoratum)
An indigenous native tree with an extremely hard wood.  It was used for spears and other weapons as well as o’o and many other tools.  This tree has an incredibly fragrant white flower, and adds to the beauty of the forest with its lush foliage.  It is also one of the few native species that will compete successfully with introduced weed species in clear-cut areas.

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